Sample Projects

This is just a small sample of the projects we have been involved in.  Feel free to contact us with your requirements.

Amplivox 805A Amplifier

Amplifier and input mixing module for public address system. 2 channel amplifier with several audio inputs from both the front panel as well as internal wireless receivers built into the system. Used in the Amplivox 805A amplifier.

Amplivox Titan

Amplifier and power management system for Public Address system. Board charges and maintains a 12V battery (multiple chemistries supported) from a 15VDC power supply. A 200W class D amplifier is used for the audio output. It is powered by a DCDC converter to convert either the 15V DC input or the battery voltage to Class D amplifier voltages.

Remforce RM2/RM3

HVAC monitoring and alarm system for commercial boilers and HVAC equipment.  Uses cellular module for communication to monitoring center.  Has 4-20mA, Digital, Analog and RS485 communication for local sensors.  FCC and Safety approved.

P80 Pyrographic Tool

Pyrographic tool controller/power supply.  Unit features full color LCD display with 32 bit microcontroller and 2MB external SRAM.  Power supply is 50W universal input and has full FCC and safety certifications for worldwide sales.